Turkey National Anthem (Instrumental Midi) İstiklâl Marşı

Published April 11, 2021 9 Views

Rumble "İstiklâl Marşı" ('Independence March') is the national anthem of Turkey. It was officially adopted by Grand National Assembly in 1921 —two-and-a-half years before the 29 October 1923 establishment of the nation— both as a motivational musical saga for the troops fighting in the Turkish War of Independence, and as an aspirational anthem for a Republic that was yet to be established.
It was written by Mehmet Âkif Ersoy, and ultimately (Ali Rıfat Çağatay was composed music for the Turkish national anthem, used between 1924-1930.) composed by Osman Zeki Üngör.

(English Lyrics / Translation)
Fear not! The red banner that ripples in this dawn, shall not fade,
Before the last hearth that is ablaze within my homeland is extinguished.
It is the star of my people, which shall shine;
It is mine; it only belongs to my people.

Frown not, I beseech thou, oh thou coy crescent!
Smile upon my heroic nation once! What is this violence, what is this rage for?
Our blood which we shed for you shall not be worthy afterwards...
Freedom is the right of my God-worshipping people.

Turkish National Anthem / Türkiye Milli Marşı / Türkische Hymne / Nationalhymne der Türkei / Hymne National de la Turquie / Imnul Turciei / Hymne National Turc / Himno Nacional de Turquía / Himno Turco / Гимн Турции / Volkslied van Turkije / Turecká Hymna / Turkse Volkslied / Himna Turske / Hymn Turcji / Török Himnusz / Törökország Himnusza / トルコ国歌 / Hino Nacional da Turquia / Hino Turco / Inno Nazionale della Turchia / Inno Turco / Turska Himna / النشيد الوطني لتركيا