04042021 GBC Sermon - Easter 2021 - The Resurrection - The Spoils of a Righteous Victory

Published April 10, 2021 6 Views

Rumble 4/4/2021 This week's sermon with Pastor Keith Aguila - The Resurrection: The Spoils of a Righteous Victory.

This week's message: He made us to be the spoils of His victory over punishment and death.

Bible Scripture: Isaiah 53:10-13

Happy Easter, or more fitting - Happy Resurrection Day!

We apologize. Our service this week is an audio slideshow. Our livestream sermon video was damaged in some way. The sound did not start until over 38 minutes into the sermon, and we don’t know why, so we didn't use it. We did a separate experiment with an audio-slideshow version for the sermon, and that is what we are posting here. The beginning is rough and there is a black screen until we get the slideshow working, but you can hear the Easter message, and the message is what is most important. We also apologize as the final prayer was cut off on this slideshow. Please be patient with us. Technology has not been our friend as we try to improve and go forward one step and then backward what seems like five steps. God bless you as you stick with us through this. We appreciate your patience.