Hey - I didn’t vote for a swamp monster! Cynthia McKinney-PhD-Activist author & Fmr Mbr of Congress

2 years ago

Everyone just loves their Member of Congress and thinks all 534 others are the problem when the truth can be quite different! Cynthia will tell us how the man (or woman) we love can easily become a part of the problem in an institution deeply mired in the muck.

Dr. McKinney makes a great example of what voters wish their politicians would do - ask questions - and what happens to those who do. In a recent tweet, Cynthia wrote:

“...we know US leaders can overthrow governments, install puppets, change election results, destroy whole countries and steal their gold, defend their friends who steal children, start wars, and get away with it.”

When former Representative McKinney refused to stop highlighting the questions experts were asked about gaps in the government’s explanation of what REALLY happened in the 2001 Terrorism, she lost her seniority when she had to campaign to re-enter Congress after losing re-election to an establishment candidate recruited to defeat her.

“You get to the top and realize it’s only the middle,” as Cynthia quotes a favorite TV series, “Secret”. From her experience opposing Hillary’s destruction of Libya to protesting the West’s persecution of Palestinians, Cynthia has authored several books, including “How the U.S. Created Sh*Thole Countries” and “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown”.

Despite the cost of activism, Ms. McKinney alludes to heroes Martin Luther King, Stephen Biko, and others, how to keep our spirits flexible, to welcome our inability to ignore injustice.

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