Climate Change Is Causing Immigration?! | 4/9/21

Published April 9, 2021 274 Views

Rumble Biden has a speech about gun control and reform. Biden mentions the problem of ghost guns, an untraceable type of firearm. More information comes out on the Islamic man who ran over the two Capitol police officers. A smuggler gets paid $6,000 to smuggle a family from Honduras. There are now reports of climate change as a big factor in why immigration is at its highest peak. Britain’s Prince Philip has died at age 99. Did you see the latest child immigration/smuggling video? Looks to us like it’s set up and filmed to go “viral." The Kardashians keep up their ability to stay in the spotlight. People call for Matt Gaetz to resign due to Venmo records. A volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent is on the brink of eruption.