The U.S. Is Falling Like Rome

Published April 8, 2021 1,635 Views

Rumble Why should you be alarmed about the crisis on the United States southern border? Well because history is repeating itself....on purpose. The United States looks just like Ancient Rome did in its final days. Of course, Rome didn't fall in a day. But when it finally received its deathblow in 476 A.D., its world power status had declined due to several corrosive reasons. Germanic tribes had beaten Roman forces into submission as Rome had overextended its military and its defense budget. Government corruption reached epic proportions. And slave labor dried up forcing the complacent unskilled Romans to fend for themselves.

But the final knife in Rome's back was that it lost its identity. Most importantly, Rome allowed the barbarian hordes to settle within its borders. Which eventually lead to an uprising, putting an end to the identity of a 1000 year old world power civilization.

But as Biden floods the border with potential criminals while simultaneously unveiling new gun restrictions will nominate a top gun-control advocate to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. While waving his monstrous 2 plus trillion dollar green new deal infrastructure trojan horse as America crawls out of a Pandemic that could eventually wipe out 9 million small businesses. You can't help but conclude that America is being setup for annihilation.