FIGHTING THE LEFT WITH THEIR RULES - Speech at Brevard Federated Republican Women 4-7-2021 by Cathi

Rumble 4-7-2021 - Standing Ovation speech covers it all. Alinsky tactics, along with Cloward-Piven strategies, lays out how America's systems are intentionally being overwhelmed by the left in order to transform one of the greatest countries on earth into socialism. Find out why the FBI and DHS are labeling all Trump supporters as "Homegrown Violent Extremists" and what you need to do if you happen to be one. Doesn't take much. If you've ever complained about stifling COVID restrictions, election fraud, or even just simply voted for Trump, you are probably already on the "terror watch list". Wanna know how to join other Patriots in pushing back against this systematic attack on Conservatives? This may well be the most important 40 minutes you've ever spent.