Remember the Jester's Defense? April 6, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Published April 7, 2021 116 Views

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Remember the Jester's Defense? April 6, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

In medieval times, the Court Jester was largely held harmless --- unless the King himself took umbrage. In the British Territorial Court System, the same still applies today. If they are addressing your Upper and Lower Case Name, you can shrug and look helpless and say, "I'm an idiot, Sir."
And unless Queen Elizabeth II wants you beheaded, they are obliged to let you go, whatever your sins may be.
The same defense often works in Municipal COURTS, too, if the infraction is subject to human error--- and what isn't?
Just throw up your hands, mia culpa, I'm an idiot. You can't hold idiots responsible for much of anything and it's hopeless to blame them, so it throws a stick into the wheels of the court system.
The only downside is that once you have admitted to being an idiot on the court record, you are subject to being "administered" as a ward of the state and little can be done to reinstate your natural status --- short of claiming a miraculous cure.
In extremis, it may be your only way out.
And now, add another somewhat similar defense to your collection: inability to pay.
"My Honor, it's true that I owe Joe Blow's Fly Trapping Mortgage Company fifty thousand dollars, but I am unable to pay. I didn't waive my constitutional obligation to pay in gold or silver, and I find that I am totally out of pocket."
The Judge will grant a default judgement against you, but that is worth the paper it is written on and is intrinsically unenforceable via any execution order he can write, because you are obligated to pay in gold or silver, and the Territorial Government has cashiered your gold and silver-- making it impossible for you to actually pay any debt at all.
End of problem --- for now.
When and if the Territorial Government up-ends and returns your gold and silver, you will have to pay the debt, assuming that the other side raises their hand and presents the default judgment.
But how likely and able is the Territorial Government to do that? And if it did, it would also have to return your specific account, plus interest, which means that you would consider the $50,000.00 a mere flyspeck amount of money, and pay it without complaint.
No harm to you, either way.

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