The Cure Has Been Found! ---Common Sense and Commerce April 6, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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The Cure Has Been Found! ---Common Sense and Commerce April 6, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

1. There are over 200 varieties of Corona Virus. They mutate rapidly into new forms with some dying out and other new varieties emerging all the time. That's why it is "impossible" to cure the Common Cold.
2. And that's why THEY have declared "war" against the Common Cold---- so that they have an eternal excuse for imposing martial law ---and profiteering under color of law.
3. They published the remedy that they are allowing themselves to escape taking any experimental GMO therapy themselves. Just say you are allergic. You don't have to say what you are allergic to, but we are all allergic to foreign mRNA and polyethylene glycol.
Quote Woody Allen: "I'm allergic to everything."
4. Our State Assemblies have already prohibited claims that living people have been converted into GMO products (owned by the patent holders) as a result of receiving any patented DNA or RNA fragment or nanotech product, but in order to be protected by our public law, people must reclaim and assert their birthright political status as Americans --- not U.S. Citizens and not citizens of the United States.
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