Tucker Carlson Tonight 6 Apr 21

Published April 7, 2021 10 Views

Tucker starts by discussing the unequal application of the law as trespassers in the Capital Building continue to rot in jail as violent leftists are released on bail, have their charges dismissed and reoffend. It is sickening. Remember the Brett Kavanaugh hearings? Candace Owens joins Tucker to discuss the double standard.
Asa Hutchinson, R gov of Arkansas joins Tucker to discuss his veto of the transgender bill in Arkansas. His congress overrode the gov, but it seems that the Gov has missed the point of this legislation. It seems he is putting a little too much faith "in the science", but Tucker calls him out and absolutely wrecks this guy. Me thinks he bent to woke corporations.
Glenn Greenwald joins Tucker to discuss this recent assault he underwent outside of Rio. Crime is rising rapidly, especially violent crime, especially in large cities.
Finally, Brit Hume compares CO & GA voting laws, but I don't care because MLB is DEAD to me.

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