The Shot and the Tyranny of Man

Published April 6, 2021 3,222 Views

I have finally set forth my thoughts on this massively important topic. Though there is so much more I could say, this sermon addresses the churchmen, the government men, and the businessmen regarding the shot for the virus. The sermon sets forth reasons not to get the shot. It also addresses vaccine passports and the massive propaganda machine at work to convince you to get the shot. Here is a link to the 1-minute video shown during the service:

Here is a link to the 23-minute talk by Dr. Ryan Cole:

Here is the 15-minute talk by Naomi Wolf: The book Coronavirus and the Leadership of the Christian Church: A Sacred Trust Broken.

The Mission of God book by Dr. Joe Boot:
Link to dropcards: ID2020: See "Defy Tyrants" Youtube channel.

Event 201:

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