Piers Morgan Goes After Don Lemon For Associating Him With Racism!!

Published April 6, 2021 2,772 Views $4.70 earned

Rumble Former CNN host and fired Good Morning Britain co-anchor Piers Morgan delivered a tirade of hurt feelings over Don Lemon’s criticism, saying he thought his former colleague was “a friend” who needs to rethink the accusations of racism that led Lemon to criticize him.

During an extensive interview, Morgan lashed out at Lemon, saying he was “disgusted when I saw Don Lemon, someone I considered to be a friend, who has just written a very powerful book about racism, I’m looking forward to reading it. I think he’s said a lot of interesting things about the issue.”

“But to see him actually say on his show that what I’ve done was an act of racism, and that it was terrible that Sharon Osbourne had reacted worse to the suggestion that, you know, she might be defending a racist than the perpetrator of the act of racism, was really offensive to me as someone who worked at CNN and gave it everything I had for nearly four years,” Morgan said. “That was really — that really disappointed me, you know.”