chycho’s Salvia Divinorum Chronicles, P2: Crossing into the Realm for the First Time & More [ASMR]

Published April 5, 2021 19 Views

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TIMESTAMPS (Links to Standalone Segments Coming in the Next Few Day):
- I Disagree with Vulcan Philosophy That "The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few, or the One" ()
- Bitcoin Has Become Problematic, Here Is Why (35:28-38:23)
- Entheogens are Way More Revolutionary than Cryptocurrencies (38:30)
- The Story of the First Time I crossed into the realm of Salvia Divinorum (43:30-1:04:07)
- Some of the Things I Learned about Our World from Exploring the Realm of Salvia Divinorum (1:13:15-1:19:04)
- Warning given, Salvia Divinorum Amplifies Everything Else up the Yin Yang (1:20:28-1:23:59)
- Salvia Divinorum Builds a Bridge Between the Realm of DMT and Matter Based Existence: You Retain Information (1:26:21-1:27:26)
- F-ing Fanatics, They Can Kiss My Ass, They Are the Enemy of Humanity (1:31:08-1:31:46)
- The Power of Salvia Divinorum & Other Entheogens, a Perspective on Life & Society worth Having (1:32:21-1:33:36)
- Regarding Salvia Divinorum & Other Entheogens, Enlightenment Does Not Come from Glimpses of What Could Be (1:34:23-1:35:39)
- Apprenticing under Salvia Divinorum: Falling in Love with the Ultimate Teacher of the Feminine Perspective (1:39:11-1:42:31)
- Be the Master of Your Own Domain, Be the Maker of Your Own Reality (1:48:10-1:48:55)
- and more...

DISCLAIMER: "You know what’s wild? You never see a positive drug story on the news, do you? You ever seen one? Isn’t that weird; don’t you think that’s strange? I mean, the news is supposed to be objective. Isn’t it supposed to be The News? But every drug story is Negative?!? Well, hold it! I've had some killer times on drugs! I'm not promoting it, but I'm not denying it. Let’s hear the whole fucking story!” - Bill Hicks, “Sane Man”, 1989

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