Not Sew Fast, COPS TV SHOW

Published April 5, 2021 403 Views $0.08 earned


While driving on patrol, Detective Bryan Dubois with Lubbock Police Department recognizes a male walking on the sidewalk who he believes has a felony warrant. Detective Dubois stops to speak with the male. While attempting to identify the male, he takes off running into oncoming traffic, crossing several major intersections. Dubois gives chase attempting to call out for backup while the suspect runs toward a shopping plaza. The suspect runs inside a sewing business, Detective Dubois follows him inside and with no backdoor exit, the suspect is stuck with nowhere to go. He explains that he ran because he thought he had a warrant, which he did. Dubois speaks to the store owner who says she was shocked to see the male suspect run inside her store. She fled for safety and waited outside since she was aware that there was no back exit. The suspect is booked on his warrant, evading and criminal trespassing.