1 year ago

Tiny bird makes crazy sounds to scare big birds at feeder

This back yard bird feeder in Ontario Canada is a busy spot for birds of all kinds, especially during the cold winter months when food is scarce. And when food is hard to find, the birds scramble to get their share. They fly in and out, calling to each other and chirping away excitedly.

But one bird was found making a very unique sound. It's a rapid chirp that sounds like light bullets fired by the storm troopers in Star Wars. He's an adorable little junco, a "new world sparrow" and he seems to be trying to warn the much larger cardinals to stay back by imitating the dangerous weapons.

The cardinals at this feeder have found the seed and they take their share and more. They rapidly turn the seeds over in their beaks , cracking the shells with impressive speed to get at the food inside. The dexterity of their beak and tongue rivals that of humans with their fingers and thumbs.

Birds at the feeder must work rapidly, and they must keep a careful eye on the skies above for predators like falcons and hawks. Even owls will make an appearance in order to catch a meal at these feeding stations. The little birds know they must grab their food to go, finding shelter in the nearby pine trees and then returning for more.

Back yard bird feeders can provide hours of delight for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. They are also a good way to help the song birds that are experiencing extra challenges from cold weather and habitat loss. Many of the migratory song birds are affected by the loss of trees and food supplies along their migration routes. With extremely fast metabolisms and no ability to store fat, they must eat constantly. They are often only a few meals away from starvation.

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