Flashback: Obama's Spiritual Adviser Says Tea Party is 'Unbiblical'

Published April 4, 2021 3,602 Views

Rumble In October, 2013, former President Obama's "spiritual adviser" Jim Wallis released a video bashing the Tea Party as being "political extremists" who are "unbiblical" and are "against poor people" because they were willing to shut down the government.

"So, those political extremists and I'll call them that, who want to shut down the government are unbiblical in two ways. One, they're against government per se. I know lots of Republicans and Democrats who believe in government. However big or small or limited, it doesn't matter. They believe in government and they believe in governing. The role is to govern. These people don't. They don't believe in government per se. They want to destroy the House and shut it down. That's not biblical."

See: https://web.archive.org/web/20160326122757/http://www.examiner.com/article/obama-s-spiritual-adviser-bashes-tea-party-politicians-as-unbiblical