Fauci: I Am Not A Scaremonger; That's Coming Mostly From Republicans

Published April 3, 2021 3,188 Views $2.87 earned

Rumble White House chief COVID adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci was interviewed by FOX News host Neil Cavuto on Friday to discuss the vaccine and to respond to criticism. Fauci said he is "not trying to scare anybody" and that he doesn't think "anyone would consider me a scaremonger."

"I'm not trying to scare anybody," Dr. Fauci said. "What we're saying is that we make recommendations based on scientific evidence and data, because what you want to do is give the American people the information they need to make choices. And you make a recommendation."

"I don't think anyone would consider me a scaremonger," he continued. "I have never been that way at all. So, when we talk about wearing a mask, not wearing a mask, doing this or not doing that, we like it to be based on evidence and data."

"These are largely coming from Republicans who have serious animus toward some of the things that you recommend and say, and maybe just you, period," Cavuto summed up Republican criticism.