Baby goats get excited for their new parkour obstacle course

Published April 2, 2021 6,164 Views $0.07 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBaby goats are among the cutest and most entertaining animals in the world. These goats live at a beautiful farm called Black Dog Farm and Rescue, in Texas. It's a place where the most needy animals find a second chance at life. They are either too unhealthy or too costly to fit in anywhere else, but this farm finds a way to nurse them back to health or to provide the love and the space that they need to thrive. Many animals go on to carefully selected forever homes after they are made whole again. But some remain here to live their days happily.

Rowena is the proud mother of Fiona, Finn, and Fergus. The little goat family had just arrived here and they needed a place to climb and explore, as all goats do. Jennifer and Jim, who run this magical farm, created a dream come true for baby goats. It's a parkour obstacle course that allows them to climb, balance, jump, and show off their athletic abilities. Goats in their element are a true joy to watch and their curiosity and playfulness are extremely endearing.

Black Dog Farm can be found on FaceBook as well as Rumble, and their posts are uplifting, funny, and occasionally tragic. But all of them show the love and determination of a family who will not see any animals abandoned or forgotten. This wonderful sanctuary will also gratefully accept any help provided in order to carry on the amazing work that they do for their animal family.