Biden’s Border Child Sex Trafficking, Climate Corp, Rural H20 Fluoridation #WeRiseUp

Published April 1, 2021 6,939 Views

4/1/21: Biden-led Communist Corporatism has captured America on every level. Federal run Child/human/sex trafficking, funneling youth and the disadvantaged into UN run Agenda 21 Climate Corp and the plan to fluoridate the water of every American...

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You can also watch here:

Minister sues Pelosi, Harris for being denied Good Friday prayers at Capitol Hill:

Mask March in Ft Lauderdale 4/10:

Lin wood runs for SC Chair of GOP:

MJT meets with Trump @ Mar-a-Lago:

Fluoridation of rural community water systems:

Fauci's wife, Christine Grady wants to drug u:

Morality pills are the answer:

Fighting fluoridation is an uphill battle:

The new Climate Corps for "Equity":

Germany halts AZ shot again after 9 deaths:

Project Veritas exposes federal migrant "camp" facility under International Bridge:

National Association of Christian Charities making bank with Federal TP$ on Migrants:

Summary of the Border pipeline:

Endeavors just received a multimillion TP$ contract with ICE under DHS Dir Mayorkas to move and house migrants: has been involved in the Lutheran Colorado Springs, CO migrant relocation program now active at the border:

Interesting to note this Lutheran daycare child abuse and child pornography case. Lutheran church facilities have been involved in ritual abuse trafficking circles for decades according to survivors of ritual abuse:

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