Greeting citizens of Norway

Published April 1, 2021 238 Views

Rumble Greeting citizens of Norway.

This is an important message to you all.

If you really believe in the mind fuck from your government.
Please stop watching this video, there is no more hope for you.
And just be that sheep, they want you to be.
But for those who still believe in freedom, and want there life´s back!
Keep listening.

For more than a year now.
Your government has stolen your freedom.
Destroyed your social life´s.
Taken away your hobby´s.
And totally destroyed the norwegian economy.

Your government lied to you about this virus.
And they are still lying about it.
They tell you that the hospitals are overcrowded.
But they can not even show you proof of this in the media like they do with everthing else.
Because they are not overcrowded at all.
And we have seen proof of that.
But then they are calling it fake news.

They are telling you every day, the numbers of infected.
But they don't show you how they calculate this.
Because they will never show you the real numbers.
They are making more tests, so that makes it easier for them to cheat with these numbers.
Even when they know that those pcr tests reliability is just 60%.
But if we tell them this, they call it fake news.

They tell you that this virus is mutated.
But they can not show you this mutation strain.
Like Ebola, media can show you many type´s of Ebola.
But for this virus.
They can not show you any strain.
Because this mutation is just a political strategy.

They are spreading lies and fear among you all.
By telling these incredible, dirty, meaningless and mostly discriminating lies.
Like using a mask outdoors on the street or in nature
That is totally unnecessary and ridiculous.
This wil only make your immune system weaker.
And that is exactly what they want, make you more sick.
People don't get sick from being outdoors in the fresh air.
A normal clear thinking human being knows that.

These meaningless anti contamination measures are getting out of hand.
Your government wants to control you every minute of the day,
Where you drive your electric car!
What you eat or drink!
What you read or listen to.
Who you socially interact with!
Even when you´re sleeping.

They do not like that there own citizens are complaining or protest against these anti contamination measures.
They do not like that there own citizens want to stand up and remove this sitting government from their seat.

This is not what they had planned for.
There plan is to push through AGENDA 2030.
No matter what, they have to create more fear.
Control the people.
Take total control.
No matter what you citizens say or do.
They will not stop with this plan.

Because they get paid a lot of money to roll out this plan.
Even when this means killing their own citizens with this none working astra zeneca vaccine.
And now they are starting with propaganda like in World War II.
Giving freedom back to the people who have taken this deadly vaccine injection.
You may think they have learned a thing or two from the persecution of the Jews.
But this fascist act does not show it.
Your government went to great lengths to hide the truth from you.
And they are not willing to reveal any strategic weaknesses.
That's why they're pushing so hard.
They want to make you more scared than you were before, by spreading more fear.
They want to brainwash you with their idiotic and selfish ideas, through their own propaganda media channels.

Thanks to your government.
Almost 40% of all companies in Norway will go bankrupt.
Businesses, small or large, will run out of money and their savings.
And the government is hardly helping them.
They only think of themselves.
People who have worked all their lives with their own businesses are going down.
The Solberg government is giving away money to everyone but its own people.

Thanks to these .
Poverty in Norway is rising very rapidly.
But you don't hear your greedy government talking about this.
Because this shows really how bad they are for their country.
We have proof that there are long queues in front of your poorhouse in Oslo at Easter 2021.
Even the newspapers write.
"There is no doubt that the lockdown policy of Erna Solberg & co has increased poverty in Norway".

35% of those who had work before these lockdown´s have lost their jobs.
And they can barely make it until the end of each month.
Do to the small amount of money they get from the state to survive.

How long will you.
The Norwegian people.
Accept this unacceptable behavior from your government.
Even your prime minister, Erna Solberg, does not follow her own lockdown policy.
Having dinner with friend and family together in the same room.
And this is not the first time she has made a mistake.
She should leave office.
She and her cabinet are not worth the attention of the good Norwegian people.

And this is not the first time anyone from her government,
lacks the rules, like that MDG women lan berg.
But no one from her government is fined for breaking the rules,
And no one has ever been charged.
They are even acquitted after breaking 250 thousand times the Working Environment Act.

But if you.
The good Norwegian people break these rules.
You will be fined or fired, and you will be prosecuted later.
There is no equal treatment, this is discrimination.
Your government must be held responsible and accountable for these actions.
Your government wants to control you.
Do you really want to be controlled by a bunch of selfish, thoughtless and overweighted greedy idiots?

Get the fuck up.
And do something about it.
Get the government to listen to you.
This is your life.
Your children's lives.
This is about your freedom.
The children's freedom and future, not from the idiots sitting in this unreliable and out of control government.

We are not anonymous.
We are not the extreme right or left.
But we are a legion.
We will stand up for our freedom.
The right to privacy.
Our right to live.
We are the Norwegian people.
Nothing more or less.