Evergreen, Biden, Quantum, and Destruction Reverse Speech

Published April 1, 2021 40 Views

Rumble Source-
Cryptogram Solver Used-
Mil Claims A Child Tweeted It. Could be. Our Shared Consciousness Seems to Be Weighing In Regardless-

F1: Biden talking about Ever Given- [We have equipment and capacity that most countries don't have and we're seeing what we can do what help we can be.]
R1: If we keep Quantum, they'll pay me keep down the A-suin'. They anoint use much stronger leave your South, but then her group filet you.
F = 0:00:59 to 0:01:05, R = 0:00:59 to 0:01:05
- This looks to be saying connected to the Ever Given somehow, if Biden keeps Quantum in some way then he will be paid in some way to keep the A-suin’ down, likely to mean he will get some sort of benefit from keeping the action being brought against Ai down in some way. There is a group that approves of a much stronger leaving of spirit and/or success, but if this is done, there looks to be a group that will filet, or destroy someone and/or some group. Could Q mean Quantum among other things? Strategic Command Tweeted what may be a code that when put in a cryptogram solver has one solution among many that is “Q Acquitted.” This may mean that Q is freed and/or is free to perform in a specified way.