Chauvin Trial Day One Reverse Speech

Published March 31, 2021 22 Views

Rumble Chauvin Trial Day One Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot

Day One Chauvin Trial-
George Floyd’s Twin CNN-
Ex-NBA player Stephen Jackson mourning death of 'twin brother' George Floyd

F1: The evidence is going to show you that there was no cause in the first place to use lethal force against the man who was defenseless who was handcuffed, [who was not resisting.]
R1: Excessive con show.
F = 0:06:37 to 0:06:48, R = 0:06:47 to 0:06:48

Just skimming through, some things are popping up that I’m hearing—

WIZARD- I heard “Hurt our wizard” in Prosecutor, Jerry Blackwell’s RS that likely refers to George Floyd. In RS, a wizard is a performer and persuader; part of the Psyche that can charm; will sing and have music; likes games.
Siri- Ai assistant.
Fee- The global transhuman death cult thrives on hatching fees in a reich that is used to elevate themselves by dominating outsiders not in their cult. This is mentioned in Queen Elizabeth’s RS in her Coronation Oath where she tells you what she really promised.