Soft Racism of Low Expectations | 3/30/21

Published March 30, 2021 165 Views

Rumble The Suez Canal is finally open again! The Biden administration is spending $3 million a day on the border crisis and is refusing to discuss it. Russian and Middle Eastern migrants have joined the migrants from South America. Most are being released without a court date. The CDC director fears "impending doom" regarding the coronavirus. Biden speaks about the future of vaccines in America. The White House is pushing a national COVID passport that would require proof of vaccination to shop at various businesses. New Georgia law tries to crack down on voting shenanigans. Predictably, the Democrats hate it. Some Democrats are also claiming that the law is racist? Could China be planning to take over Taiwan? The WHO says that the virus did not come from a lab in Wuhan, case closed. Can someone explain why Kamala Harris is giggling (or cackling) so much in this video while discussing education? The Muppets have introduced two new black characters. Are there even any white Muppets? Psaki continues to avoid giving answers about border and travel restrictions. Earth Day is coming up! What will you be doing to celebrate it? Andrew Cuomo has yet another accuser.