You Are Being Prosecuted Under Foreign Bills of Attainder March 29, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Published March 30, 2021 160 Views

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You Are Being Prosecuted Under Foreign Bills of Attainder March 29, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

A "bill of attainder" is a legislated action predefining a class of persons (not people) to be guilty a priori, often without a trial or with a sham trial.
Americans are specifically exempted from being prosecuted under bills of attainder by Article IV of the Federal Constitutions, but you, unfortunately, are not being recognized as an American.
Your Federal Employees, operating as two foreign, privately-owned, for-profit commercial governmental services providers, have deliberately and with malice aforethought "conferred" their forms of "citizenship" on you, and have impersonated you accordingly.
This allows them to evade the obligations they owe you and the Constitution, because Municipal citizens of the United States (otherwise known as 14th Amendment citizens) never had any constitutional guarantees to begin with, and neither do U.S. Territorial Citizens --- like people born in Puerto Rico, or American Military personnel serving "overseas".
And since these two commercial corporations broadly called, the US INC. and the USA, Inc., have been engaged in a perpetual mercenary "war" on our shores since 1860, it should come as no surprise that they have condemned the "other side" by legislative acts and they use "bills of attainder" to prosecute their "enemies".
Virtually anything that you ever receive from their courts is a Bill of Attainder which should never, ever, be addressed to you at all.
This includes Summons, Warrants --- Non-Judicial Warrants, Traffic Citations, Impound Orders, Court Orders, Dockets, etc. ---- these are all "Bills of Attainder" and they are all pre-judged no matter what court issues them.
Read that: there have been very few actual Judicial Courts operating in America for the past fifty years, and there has been no actual trial activity as a result. The entire "justice system" has been run under a system of constructive fraud.
The so-called 14th Amendment is a Bill of Attainder issued by the Board of Directors of "The United States of America" ---Incorporated, the Scottish Interloper, operating the Territorial Congress as a Legislature. In the 14th Amendment, they condemned all Municipal citizens of the United States and pre-judged and sentenced them.
That's why when your STRAWMAN appears in any Territorial State of State Court or District Court, it's a sham. It "gives and appearance of justice" but the PERSON in the Dock and named on the Docket, is already pre-judged and guilty, and has appeared in answer to a Bill of Attainder.

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