"VICTORIOUS" by Toots Sweet

Published March 30, 2021 14 Views

Rumble This is a song of hope for that day of great awakening to arrive so many have wished for, fought for, spoke about & died for, but one man said it best when he articulated an amazing place, where we all judge each other by the content of our characters, not by our occupations, educations, orientations, zip codes, religions, spiritual beliefs, clothes we wore & most importantly the different colors of our skin. Only then we will all be United as one people, Equal under the law against our liberal democrat, corporate media enemy within & global communist one world governance abroad that’s been keeping us divided as a people & unequal under the law for over 100 years by design to concentrate our labor & accumulate our wealth for their own power & control over the populist they rule over & despise .

This song was inspired by all those with the strength & courage to stand up & defend their values & beliefs in the face of an oppressive ideology intolerant of independent expression that demands monolithic thought from all its subjects.