Have We Finally Found Francesco Bernini? And John H. Durham? March 29, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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Have We Finally Found Francesco Bernini? And John H. Durham? March 29, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

As I told you before, World War II was planned at a shareholder's meeting of the Royal Bank of Scotland in 1877. They had come together to form a series of plans for future decades of "world government administration", and a series of gigantic fraud schemes, complete with their inevitable results--- like World War II.
These plans, delineated, decade by decade, a program based on these principles:
(1) Blame your adversaries for what you are doing yourselves; (2) Blame the victims especially; (3) Impersonate yourselves as being your enemy or as representing your enemy-- then do your dirty work; (4) Follow the Hegelian Dialectic --- cause a problem, present your solution, then reap the rewards; (5) Use Divide and Conquer along racial, religious, and whatever other lines can be drawn; (6) Every lie is a prayer; (7) Use False Flags and False Narratives to drive the sheep; (8) Use Good Cop v. Bad Cop authority figures and political leaders to guarantee retention of leadership. (9) Educate only those you can control; (10) Use blackmail to control; (11) Borrow or leverage as much money and other assets as you can; (12) Insure your Creditors with life insurance policies, and then kill them when it's time for you to pay up; (13) Seize upon the former creditor's property to pay off your debts to secondary creditors and use the rest of the money and actual assets you borrowed (and which you no longer have to pay back) to curry favor with new victims (China); (14) cover your tracks, leaving your victims and their families to pay you for your "service" to them.
There, in a nutshell, is the modus operandi of the world-ruling junta which has brought the entire Earth to the brink of ecological and economic destruction. This has been their program since the end of the Roman Empire.
When they could no longer rule by force, they ruled by deceit.
The meeting of the RBS shareholders to set up World War II included an odd mix of Scottish Calvinists and Roman Catholic Clergy, including our Mystery Man, Francesco Bernini, a Papal Legate --- who didn't exist prior to the meeting and who disappeared forever afterward.
On February 28, 2021, John H. Durham --- or at least his character -- disappeared from history, too.
There is good reason to think that John H. Durham, the federal prosecutor who was supposed to investigate the whole Russia-gate scandal, is a fictional person just like Francesco Bernini.
There is a bio and reference to "38 years as a Federal Prosecutor in Connecticut" and an educational history, claiming that he is a graduate of Colgate University and University of Connecticut Law School, etc., and less than half a dozen photos --ever-- of John H. Durham.

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