Whirlwind of Hope - Dance of the Rainbow Warriors

How a gifted dreamcatcher led me on a mystical healing journey Iaced with wisdom, wonder and a whirlwind visit to the Hopi Lands, Arizona. I look forward to returning when the Corona storm bIows out to sea & the unshackled Epoch of Love bursts into magical action for our precious children and future generations to embrace with their loving hearts.

Hopi Prophecy Videos: https://sacredland.org/hopi-prophecy/

Rainbow Warriors Prophecy:

Hopi Prophecy - End of the Fourth WorId: https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends-americas/hopi-prophecy-and-end-fourth-world-part-1-002280

We Are As Falling Stars (full message): https://www.alunajoy.com/2016-may-31.html

My children's book 'Zazoo Zazoo' is available from Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/707970

Hopi Information Links

Music & FX Credits:

Trish Blythman, vocals and drum
Wolfdoctor, Kerry Lake, Carlo Scarty - Freesound
Daniel Simion, Yannick Lemieux - Sound Bible
Alexander, Orange Free Sounds

Additional Photo Credits:

Balibloom, Boston Public Library, Hopi Educational Fund, Talking
Feather, AZ Daily News, George Warton James, Red Bubble, Spiral of Grove, Circle
of Dance, NMAI, S Chen, Postcardiva, Pparihar, Detecher, Adventr

Have a sparkly day,
Society of Fairy Godmothers

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