Replace line break with comma

Published March 28, 2021 27 Views


Replace line break with comma shows how to remove line breaks and replace them with a comma, this means before the Enter Symbol or the Paragraph Mark, then you could use a find replace action. Of course, this will add a comma to an empty line as well.
Do you want to add a comma to the end of every line? Are you looking for this feature while creating new documents or editing an existing document?
This is a quick video that will show one method of placing commas, periods or any mark or space you may want to place at the end of a word or sentence or lines of text using the Find and Replace tool.
Press control H to bring up the Find and Replace, in the Find field type: ^p and then in the Replace field type whatever you need to put at the end of this line:
Tip, if want to place a comma and then create a new line then type in the Replace field: ,^p

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