3 years ago

STAGES REUNION Part 1 of "that Violynist" Carrie Lyn of Carrie Lyn Infusion had an invitation to celebrate FREEDOM and MUSIC at the Effingham, Illinois, Veteran owned and operated Effing Brew Company - Brewery & Brewpub!!

Our first album, STAGES, was recorded with the talents of the featured musicians in this reunion and this concert footage is a 4plus finale video release exclusive here at RUMBLE!

The love I have for these men, brothers of faith and music, is so strong that even though we had not played together in years, we took that "stage" with single heart and spirit and the love emanated and touched everyone in that room! It was an "OH WHAT A NIGHT" back in the SUMMER OF 20/20 !!

Though the songs that these "Infusers" recorded with me were inspired by the Lord and given to me to write lead and lyric sheets, the musicianship is all the individual gifts and blended for a very special "infusion" which is why the group was branded "that Violynist" Carrie Lyn Infusion.

This performance recording group lineup began in 2008, and the name since 2006. Once an "infuser", always an infuser, yet over the many lineups that I have been blessed to make the music LIVE VIBES, this combo is a rare and precious event sensation to be sure!

Please enjoy the whole show, and check out the album at and updates at:

"that Violynist" Carrie Lyn
Carrie Lyn Infusion - BMI

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