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3 years ago

eTechTV is a global technology content provider that produces and distributes niche content via the eTechTV website and is syndicated through numerous web, mobile, OTT, social media, and other syndicated outlets. The shows are presently produced at its production studios based in New York City.

The mission of eTechTV is to educate and entertain its viewers from all walks of life keeping them updated on current events, news, products, and trends in the technology sector. Additionally, eTechTV produces on-demand educational "How To" type content geared towards educating viewers about using the latest in technology to improve their lives whether it be in their business or at home.

For the true technology aficionado, eTechTV produces special unique shows and documentaries covering the history of technology featuring major technology pioneers and industry leaders from the past and present.

The shows are produced hosted by its founder, Rich Garboski who has spent the last 43 years around technology starting as a teenager in the 1970's designing and operating a licensed ham radio station. For the last 35 years, Rich has been an independent technology consultant for eTechHelp.com specializing in Information Technology infrastructure and applications, IP Telephony, Voice & Data Security, Internet/Cloud Infrastructure and e-business applications. Previous to eTechHelp, Rich worked in the corporate sector in telecommunications, data communications/wide area networking and Wall Street financial systems servicing the enterprise markets.

eTechTV features several show formats delivered via print stories, video webcasts, podcasts, and live streaming with interactive chats with it's viewers. Our show formats presently include;

eTechTV - A general informal roundtable featuring special guests and contributing correspondents and journalists.
eTechTV News - 22 Minutes of news, current events and commentary.
eTechTV For Business - Video content, podcasts and print stories geared towards the business consumer.
eTechTV@Night - A late night entertaining style format featuring the leaders of technology.
eTechTV For Kids - Home Education Programming for kids.
Tech Hall of Fame@eTechTV - Special interviews featuring technology pioneers and innovators.
The History of eTechTV

The year was 1994 and the World Wide Web was just starting to become mainstream. The PC networking revolution was in full swing and while the Internet was still primarily dial-up, the world was truly starting to become more connected as the World Wide Web became mainstream. Rich Garboski, a consultant by day saw a real demand, people who were "computer illiterate" were hungry for knowledge and wanted to learn more about computers minus the complicated terminology and buzzwords associated with technology. More importantly, they wanted concepts explained in both an entertaining and non-condescending format to an audience both young and old. With this need in mind, Tech Update TV was born.

The show ran for 5 seasons reaching its viewers on cable tv and the local educational channel and was the recipient of several viewer choice awards including; "Outstanding Educational and Instructional Series", "Outstanding Editing", and "Best Technical Effects". Over 100 live and on-demand shows were produced and aired during its initial first run that featured a wide array of technical subjects featuring technology pioneers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

The show moved to New York City and has rebranded as eTechTV taking full advantage of the streaming video/audio technology, social media, and OTT to connect directly with our viewers. You can watch the show directly on the eTech.TV website, your mobile device, and on all the platforms listed on the eTechTV Website.

Thanks for visiting eTechTV! We are excited about the upcoming season of entertaining and educational shows. If you like the shows, please subscribe and share them with your friends and colleagues. We are super excited about bringing an exciting season of entertaining and educational shows. Thank you in advance for your support!

Rich Garboski
Founder & Host

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