2 years ago

Italian Record Translation -- EG Ancestry Research

If you are like me and have been doing research for many years, you may be able to translate some simple Italian Records from the Antenati. During the course of my research a came across the last will of my 6th great uncle Gaspare De Riso. This is a forty page document, that I could not read. So I called on my friend Elena Gissi, of E.G. Ancestry for help.

I learned of Elena through someone that I met on the internet that was researching her family in the north of Italy. And we did a great interview on the "Lady In Black." Elena also did the research for an episode of "Finding Your Roots" with Louis Gates Jr., for the actor Christopher Meloni.

Elena produced an excellent report on the details of the will and this great interview. If you need any Italian Records to be translated, I suggest to contact Elena at egancestryresearch@gmail.com and mention IG2021.

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