Curious cows have adorable reaction to the latest sanctuary arrival

Published March 28, 2021 12,229 Views $61.81 earned

These curious cows live on a magical farm in Texas known as Black Dog Farm and Rescue. Here, they have been living the good life, but it wasn't always so easy for these gentle beasts. Each of them has found their way here due to medical issues of other problems that made them too expensive for their owners to keep them on the farm where they once lived. In the farming world, an animal that costs more than they are valued at must have their time cut short.

But at this wonderful sanctuary, animals come here to find the help they need, as well as a forever home. Nigel, Benny, and Claire have been here almost a year and they have been soaking up the love and feasting on the ample supply of food. They play and they interact with the family that runs this farm. They have learned to trust their humans completely.

These three cows are understandably curious when a new arrival comes to the sanctuary. Walter is a tiny calf who suffers from dwarfism, a flattened face, and an upward turned patella. He came from the farm across the road where his days were numbered. His conditions and the care he would require were going to be overwhelming for the farmer, but Jennifer, Jim and her family knew that they could provide all the support that this little fellow needed at their sanctuary. They brought Walter home and his second chance at life began. Understandably, he misses his mother and he is frightened and feeling alone. As he cries in the barn and his mother calls out from across the road, Walter's new farm family has come to greet him and check him out. They approach with adorable curiosity and some hesitation.

This little creature is loud and he is very strange to the other cows. But very soon, he will be welcomed and treated like royalty. His life here will be long and happy and he will always be among friends.

Black Dog Farm can be found on Facebook. They do amazing work, which is only possible with the support of friends, family and other animal lovers. Please check out their page and consider helping them do the work that these little creatures so richly deserve.

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