Rescued dog has funny method of scratching her belly

Published March 27, 2021 4,421 Views $6.47 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFaline is a beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier who is now living the best life possible at a little piece of heaven called Black Dog Farm and Rescue. Here, she shows how she cannot contain her joy when spring arrives and a sunny day presents her with the opportunity for rubbing her belly on the ground. Faline is a real character with more personality than the average dog. Her family is certain that she has a sense of humour and that she does things like this, at least partly, because she enjoys the laughter and the attention that it brings.

Faline is the original member of this farm, and she is the princess of the entire place. It's a magical sanctuary that has grown rapidly to meet the needs of dogs, cats, cows, goats, guinea pigs and even hens. But this place, and the love behind it were inspired by this gentle soul who was actually doing a little rescue of her own when she found the family who own the farm.

Jennifer and her husband, Jim brought Faline home to help their son Keiran mend his broken heart after losing their beloved chocolate lab. Keiran has autism and he would benefit from the love and the connection of a pet like Faline. Jennifer has several health struggles as well and she also found that Faline was more than a member of the family right from the start. She was an important part of their healing.
Jennifer's family soon became known as the people who would help any animal in distress. They began rehabilitating the most broken and homeless pets that nobody else would take. With love, vet care, socialization, and time, most of these animals became all that they once were and they were taken to carefully selected forever homes. Some remain here, living the good life, like Faline is now.

Jennifer and Jim moved from Iowa to Texas to find a place that could house all the animals they were rescuing. They have created the "Black Dog Farm and Rescue" that now helps so many of these deserving souls. This farm relies on help, in part, from the generosity of other animal lovers. Donations or contributions are gratefully accepted.

Jennifer and Jim can be found through Facebook at "Black Dog Farm and Rescue".