¡Te veo ve... venir! [Warning: Bullfight images] [original music video]

Published March 26, 2021 25 Views

Rumble If you find bullfighting disturbing, please listen to the music-only version: ¡Te veo ve... venir! [original music]

Enjoy the micro-tonalities of the flamenco voice!

Listening to notes "in between the semitones" may be jarring at first, but it is an authentic art that demands from singers a tremendous amount of control of their voices. Try singing these melodies yourself accurately, without allowing your voice to drift into the more familiar semitones and you will see what I mean.

Flamenco voices often suggest Sand and Blood, the bullfight, another traditional art of Spain.

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Bullfighting pictures taken at Plaza de Las Ventas, Madrid (Spain), various dates
Bullfighting videos taken at Plaza de Toros de Cerceda (Madrid, Spain), 2011-08-27