Gigantic sea turtles put on spectacular show for nature enthisiasts

Published March 26, 2021 460 Views

Rumble These are Pacific green turtles and they are incredible creatures. They are one of the largest of the sea turtles. They can reach more than 1m in length (5 feet) and weigh over 300kg (660 pounds). Only leatherbacks and loggerhead sea turtles are larger. Traveling long distances between feeding grounds and nesting areas, the females return yearly to the sites where they were born, deposit their eggs on the sand of beaches with easy access to the water, and then they return to the ocean, never seeing their young. This process is known as "natal homing" and it allows the turtles to leave their eggs where it has been proven that their chance of survival is high. The turtles require a beach with the right amount of dry sand, freedom from predators, and an access route to the water that will allow the hatchlings to get into the surf soon after they dig out of the nest.
Male sea turtles also return to their birth place in order to breed. These two green turtles have found each other in the shallow waters of a remote island in the Galapagos. They chose a spot just off the beach to carry out their romantic encounter, much to the delight of several nature enthusiasts who were on a guided tour. For several minutes, the onlookers took pictures and video, enjoying a magnificent show that few people ever witness. After the male released the female from his grip, a rival male can be seen making a beeline for the tired female. Eager to also mate with her and pass on his genes, he will try to woo the female before she returns to the deeper water.
Green turtles were among the first species of sea turtle to be studied by researchers and the extensive data collected has been beneficial to understanding and conserving other species worldwide. Much of what we know about these beautiful animals has been learned from this species.
But, most importantly, these lucky people were thrilled to have witnessed some of nature's most gentle and beautiful animals in their own environment. This is a spectacle that they will not soon forget.