Unknown Life Forms on ISS, 'Quantum Supremacy' Bias and the Maskless Texan Apocalypse

Published March 26, 2021 1,523 Views

Rumble Steve Green's Right Angle Lightning Round batters our contestants with gotcha questions, and leaves them scrambling to explain these crazy days. See the full archive at https://BillWhittle.com

Topics and time cues...
00:37 Swimmer banned from competing though he followed the COVID-19 quarantine rules in effect at the time.
03:44 Three life forms "unknown to science" discovered in the International Space Station.
07:19 Hateful, but non-criminal, conduct could spark a home visit from the NYPD.
09:13 Physics professor wants to ban the term 'quantum supremacy' because it "adds insult to injury."
12:19 Still waiting for the maskless Texan apocalypse.

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