Ann Coulter: Asian Women Are Too Damn Hot! (3-25-21)

Published March 25, 2021 171 Views

Rumble 00:00 'Morning Bull' host Rob Lederman fired, 'horrified' by his words after exchange using racist language,
10:00 Argue My Position (Ft. Aella Girl) - Women's Rights & Wrongs,
11:30 The Rationalist community
12:00 Who is OnlyFans Aella?
40:00 Internal vs external locus of control
59:30 PASSOVER | 'Aren't You Embarrassed?',
1:01:30 Asian Women Are Too Damn Hot!,
1:10:50 Beauty supply store owner speaks out after being attacked,
1:13:00 Why America’s Great Crime Decline Is Over,
1:17:45 Mike Cernovich,
1:27:30 Michael Changaris: The power of mindful touch,
1:59:00 People Spoon With Professional Cuddlers For The First Time,
2:03:30 David Allen: The implicit pressures that shape our clients,
2:25:00 Apricot Sky/Venice update
2:26:00 Update homeless encampment in Venice Beach new skid Row,
2:29:20 Emotional Sobriety: The Path to Optimal Recovery (Dr Berger & Herb K),

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