Why Biden Wants A Fight With Russia, 3558

Published March 25, 2021 470 Views

Rumble Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
The Biden administration got a bloody nose and two black eyes this week in foreign relations and it wasn’t from falling up the stairs to Air Force One.
The bloody nose is completely understandable to anyone who has even dabbled into Joe Biden’s history. Biden, even when he knew what he was saying, has never been able to keep his foot out of his mouth and these days it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that now he rarely knows what he’s saying.
But Biden calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer” is hard to explain. What possible advantage is there in insulting Putin? It’s not how the world of diplomacy works.
However, there is one possible explanation. The “cabal” of whom President Trump spoke of on Monday that is currently running Biden is all about continuing ill-will towards Russia because it detracts from the only real threat – China.
That’s why the Russia Collusion hoax was perpetrated, and the gauntlet Biden threw down at Russia this week is just a clumsy continuation of that smoke & mirrors ploy. Pay attention to nasty old Putin; and ignore the real threat. Will we never learn?
Putin wasn’t about to be humiliated by an old man in cognitive decline. So, Putin challenged Biden to a live televised debate and said he was ready any time. Biden at the top of his game couldn’t have handled Putin in a debate. In fact, my money would be on Putin, even if the entire debate was conducted in English.

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