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The Mantle for Christian Protection

The mantle of the Holy Virgin represents the preservation and protection in the Faith, an essential component of salvation. The Holy intercessor envelopes the baptized with prayer for their protection, preservation and Heavenly hope. Preservation is a component of salvation, as much as conversion. Notice how Jesus Himself links her with preservation:
Luke 12:27-28 "...blessed are they that hear the word of God AND KEEP IT." Hereby He proclaims the principle of function (motherhood and faithfulness) before form (the Virgin). He is explaining why she was chosen to be His mother and is essentially saying "Hail, full of grace!"

The story of the actual mantle of the Theotokos is told here:


The Holy Rosary in the western church epitomizes the intercessory prayer of the Virgin, however the prayer has its roots in the East:


What do eastern iconography and the Virgin of Guadalupe image have in common? Here again is the mantle.

Meet your relatives in baptism:

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