Rescued bull terrier attempts to befriend grumpy cat

Published March 24, 2021 29,325 Views $85.61 earned

Faline is a beautiful 3 year old Staffordshire bull terrier who is now living the good life on a wonderful piece of paradise known as Black Dog Farm and Rescue. Faline is the original rescue dog and she believes she is the princess of the farm. But Faline wasn't just being rescued. She was also performing her own sort of rescue.

This farm is run by a woman named Jennifer who has a heart as big as her home state. She and her family have been rescuing the saddest and most needy cases for a few years. When the family's chocolate lab died, they were heart broken. Jennifer's son, Kieran has autism and he was particularly affected by the loss of their family friend. He dreamed that his beloved dog, Riley told him it was ok to get another dog. Faline seemed like she would be the ideal emotional support dog for Kieran. The two of them needed each other.

Faline has been a wonderful fit at this farm and she tries hard to make friends with all of the cats, and with Maggie in particular. Maggie does her best to look angry but she actually tolerates Faline quite well. Dogs come and go on this farm, being nursed back to health, often receiving enormous and costly veterinary care. Sometimes they just need love and attention as much as medical help. When these gentle animals have been mended, they are taken to carefully selected forever homes where they will get the love and care that a dog deserves. Faline loves them all and showers them with attention.

Faline has proven to be a huge comfort for Kieran, and for Jennifer who suffers from a few painful medical conditions. Despite this, she and her husband Jim pour a lot of effort into rescuing dogs, cows, goats, guinea pigs, bunnies, and hens. They don't seem to be able to turn away any animal in need.

This amazing farm is powered by the love of a family, and by donations from family and friends. To become a member, pledge support, or simply to learn more about their amazing animals, visit them on Facebook.

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