White Man Bad

Published March 24, 2021 362 Views

Rumble Where some hear tragedy, others hear opportunity, and it didn’t take long for the woke mob to use the horrendous mass shooting that took place in Atlanta to push the continued narrative, “white man bad”. Before authorities confirmed a motive, the media already declared the actions of a lone, deranged gunman, as proof of systematic white supremacy, some going as far as stating that whiteness is a pandemic.

This is nothing new for the media, they have been pushing this narrative increasingly for years. What’s strange about this particular instance is after a full year of increased violence towards Asains the media only now has shown outrage. Why might that be you ask? That’s because a year is how long it took to find a case which fit the story the media wanted to tell.

The media doesn’t care about the Asain community or the suffering they endure, in fact they champion affirmative action which negatively impacts Asians the most. To the media, it’s not longer about good or bad, right or wrong, violence or peace, it's only about narrative.

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