Cow with itchy face seeks help from her human friend

Published March 23, 2021 43,329 Views $8.84 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsFiona is a wonderful cow with a beautiful disposition. She has been treated with kindness and love and she responds very well to the farmers who care for her and also to her human friend who comes to visit occasionally. Dave has spent time in the meadow, helping the farmers with the fences and other tasks. He has been called to assist with cows delivering their calves and he was right there when Fiona's first baby, "Hope" took her first wobbly steps.

Dave has also been asked to babysit the cows when the farmers have gone away, and Dave has enjoyed lots of time wandering the gorgeous, green meadows, checking on the herd. The cows here approach their human friends for a pat on the head and they are given handfuls of corn on occasion.

Dave was watching Fiona as she rubbed her face and eyes on a patch of ground, looking for relief from the itch. Willing to lend a hand, Dave approached her and put out his hand. She caught on immediately and bobbed her head up and down as if to tell him where to scratch.