Will IDENTITY of Colorado Shooter Change DEMS' Narrative? | Ep 742

Published March 23, 2021 295 Views

Rumble A horrific shooting took place in Boulder, Colorado, at a grocery store. Ten people were killed, and Democrats are wasting no time in pushing for gun control. And as more details are coming out about the shooter's identity, will that change the narrative of the Left? In Rochester, N.Y., BLM protesters surrounded a Wegmans, causing the store to have to shut down, but weren't these protests supposed to go away once Biden became president? A reporter asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about using taxpayer dollars to put migrants in hotels while letting the National Guard in D.C. sleep in a parking garage. And VP Kamala Harris awkwardly laughed when asked if she would visit the border. Are the Democrats in over their heads with this border crisis? One of the largest health insurance providers, Cigna, tells its employees not to hire white men. And lastly, the former UFO program chief at the Pentagon says the information about UFOs is "compelling and real."