Israel Bracelet Tracker Enforces 14 Day Home Quarantine, 2nd Choice is Military Hotel

Published March 23, 2021 5,078 Views

Rumble From RT: Mandatory ‘freedom bracelets’?
Israel OKs Covid tracking tech after ‘satisfied volunteers’ prefer it to military-run quarantines.

The Israeli Knesset has handed the government powers to force all citizens returning to the country to wear a tracking device during their mandatory Covid-19 quarantine, or else be stowed away in a military-run isolation hotel.

Lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday allowing authorities to mandate the so-called ‘freedom bracelets’ for citizens, after a previous measure requiring quarantine at government-administered hotels expired earlier this month. Now, Israelis will isolate at home by default, so long as they consent to wear the electronic tracking gadget.

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