CNN Reports Children Migrant Center Resemble Jail-Like Conditions, Prison Cells

Published March 23, 2021 912 Views

Rumble ALVAREZ: "To put it simply, Alisyn, they just can't keep up. The number of children crossing is creating a bottleneck in the system. So they're coming into Border Patrol custody, but the administration doesn't have enough shelter space for them. And here's why. A few months ago, the Trump administration had been turning away migrants who came to the border. Adults, families and children. The Biden administration took the position that they were not going to do that. But the shelters were working under limited capacity because of the coronavirus pandemic. So all of that together, you have more kids coming into U.S. custody, but just not enough space to put them in shelters. So that means that these kids are staying in Border Patrol facility for prolonged periods of time. And those are facilities that are not intended for them. They look like jail-like conditions, like prison cells with concrete walls and concrete benches. And these kids are spending more than the three-day limit than they're supposed to, according to federal law. So the administration racing here to find enough space for these kids that is suitable for them."