Some Sonic Locations Are Now Selling 10-lb Bags of Their Famous Ice

Published March 23, 2021 11,642 Views

Rumble No fast food joint does ice cubes better than Sonic Drive-In. Chewable, crunchy, and crave-able, Sonic ice is one-of-a-kind. But did you know you can buy bags of it at select Sonic locations?


This cult-following ice is available in 10-pound bags, perfect for house parties. The nugget ice is scientifically designed to melt at the perfect speed to prevent a diluted drink.

Want this ice all the time?

Invest in a countertop nugget ice maker. Heck, Matthew McConaughey even has one in his Hollywood home. While the price may be steep, an at-home ice machine is the peak of luxury.

You can also ask for an extra cup of chewable ice to accompany your cherry limeade or slushes the next time you are at your local Sonic drive-thru. Keep your crushed ice and flake ice, all I want is a nugget ice machine.