Truth Broadcast #6 *{3/22/21}* Pt. 4: 666, SRA, Pindar, Vaccines, The Mark & The Fall of The Cabal †

Published March 22, 2021 837 Views

Rumble Welcome to Part 4 of TB#6 : Pharmakos Unmasked :
"Saville, Satan, Amy Robach, "Katie Johnson" & Isaac Kappy" †

We will look at the beginning of a documentary about Jimmy Saville and the 9th Circle Satanic Cult, before looking at the role the Mockingbird Media has played in suppressing the unveiling of the pedophile blackmail networks that were used by the old world order to implement their demonic agenda on a global scale † 

Full Saville Documentary:

Then, we will look at the Project Veritas footage of Amy Robach who was forced to suppress her story on Epstein †

We will then connect some important data pieces that show how Trump has been helping to bring down Epstein and his conspirators since 2009, with an interview from Brad Edwards who represented Epstein's survivors †

We will be looking at the allegations made against Trump by "Katie Johnson", and the connections between Lisa Bloom and Kathy Griffin †

We will end with a compilation of testimonies from Iaaac Kappy, before he was murdered for shinning a light on these demonic schemes, and the rampant abuse of children that has run Hollywood †
Isaac Kappy : 43 minute video:

Brand New Tube Issac Kappy exposes Oprah:

Click the link below to view Part 5 in 1080p:

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