Hungry goat gets a little help from a passing tourist

Published March 21, 2021 9,218 Views $0.34 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsGoats in India can be found almost anywhere. They are common along paths and trails, in city streets, and even around the monuments and forts that attract millions of tourists each year. Farming in India is an enormous challenge and finding food is difficult. Goats are left to wander and graze during the day, feeding on whatever vegetation that they can find. They often return to their farms in the evening for some food and shelter.

This goat was walking along a fence, obviously interested in the the flowers and leaves that he couldn't reach on the other side. A Canadian tourist who was on his way to the fort up the road saw the hungry fellow and he reached over the fence to pluck a few coloured leaves for him. The goat gobbled them up quickly and looked at the tourist as he would like more.

With a pat on the head, the tourist continued on. The goat and his friends followed the tourists and climbed the steps, looking for more treats. Luckily, the tourist and his wife had some crackers and cookies to share with most of them. Animals in all countries respond to kindness and affection!