For Every Group You Belong To, There's An Opposing Group (3-21-21)

Published March 21, 2021 81 Views

Rumble 00:00 You usually want to be in the middle of the herd, even with mask wearing
13:00 Jim Breuer's Coronavirus Questions,
51:30 Social Identity Theory,
1:04:00 Tiger Woods 'never took his foot off the gas'
1:07:00 Amy Wax + Paul Gottfried on cancel culture and the society it destroys,
1:09:30 Suburban radicals: Inside the resurgence of right-wing extremism in Orange County,
1:41:30 Richard Spencer says he failed as a leader,
1:48:00 Richard Spencer on Turkey
1:57:00 Border surge
2:03:00 Dishonesty, Secrets & readings from Big Book,

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