Sleeping sea lions completely take over the benches in Galapagos Islands

Published March 21, 2021 7,066 Views $39.08 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeSea lions are hilarious animals with their antics and loveable personalities. Tourists and even residents of the Galapagos islands are fascinated with these comical characters. They inhabit almost every beach and rocky shore in the islands and they act like they own the place. When full grown, they are formidable animals and they have no reason fear people or even other animals, except large sharks.

These sea lions have climbed onto every bench on the pier and they have stretched out and completely taken over. This family who has arrived couldn't find a place to sit anywhere.

Sea lions spend a great deal of their day napping. They venture out into the ocean several times a day to hunt for eels, fish, and octopus. They return to nap and socialize on the beaches. For sea lions, life is easy and very relaxing!