Published March 19, 2021 10 Views

Rumble SHHHHHHHHHH, it is a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not tell anyone, if the truth were to be revealed we would not have our naive flock, then what! who will pay us, who will support us!
Isn’t it nice to be told you and I are all Gods Psalms 82:6, Isaiah 41:23, John 10:34 and yet the false prophets religion avert your attention away from who you really are. Matthew 24:11 and many more.
Everyone of us is Jesus reincarnated, only you have allowed your thoughts to be controlled by others and then have lost your connection.
Because of my deep connection with consciousness and understand energies and how it creates a frequency which manifests a pulsating vibration, and because of this connection, and looking at it through the eyes of energy vibration I saw these quotes, and I how it was completely not taught, Jesus’s connection is completely the same as me, it is all the same.
Society and religion is prevalent in teaching distorted views from misinformed collection of thoughts for centuries, and then it is being perpetuated into the NOW, and has no relevance to what is occurring NOW but to keep on perpetuating the same old misinformed stories.